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Downward rotation of scapula muscles

Downward rotation of scapula muscles


1, 2 and 5 are very important for every day functions. Even with extensive research I've only read bad things about winging and tipping.

In swimming the muscles contributing to downward rotation as well as depression, receive more neuromuscular recruitment demands than their upwardly rotating ...

Muscles of the scapula responsible for upward and downward rotation.

The Sp⚽️rts Physio on Twitter: "But don't overlook the over active muscles of scapular downward rotation ie, pec minor, lev scap, ...

Describe Upward and Downward Scapular Rotation. image scapula-strings-14FFAFF4E2C59BEAB7A-thumb for definition side of card

I say vaguely, because it's not just a glenohumeral muscle-activation problem, as illustrated below.



The movements of scapula are produced by the muscles that connect it to the trunk and indirectly by the muscles going from trunk to the humerus when the ...

Scapular motions from (A) posterior (upward/downward rotation), (B

Muscles that position the Scapula

Figure 5-13 Motions of the scapula. (From Kendall et al: Muscles: testing and function, ed 4, Baltimore, 1993, Williams & Wilkins.)

Clipart of a 3d Rear View of an Anatomical Man with Visible Muscles, Showing Scapula Upward and Downward Rotation, on a White Background - Royalty Free ...

25 Shoulder girdle movements

Six Causes of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome – Part 2. For scapular upward rotation ...

scapulae's upward rotation

Scapular muscles and their effect on scapular dynamic stability. a Upward rotation-posterior tilt

Muscles ...

... rotation; 41.

Figure 2: Function of levator scapulae

Scapular Motions. A) Upward/downward rotation about an axis perpendicular to the plane

3D render of a medical figure showing scapula upward and downward rotation Stock Photo - 46518280

29 Muscles of the Neck and Back Levator scapulae (pg 84) ▫O-Transverse process C1-4 ▫I-Medial border of scapula from superior angle to superior portion of ...

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Pectoralis minor muscle



Levator scapula – Shoulder Girdle Action – Elevation – Retraction – Downward Rotation

Rhomboid muscles - major & minor

23 Rhomboid ...

Scapula Upward rotation and Downward ...

Levator scapula muscles run from the top inside border of shoulder bone to the neck.

Muscles That Move the Arm

Side (lateral) muscles of the shoulder:

The role of the scapula in Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: part 2 — Rayner & Smale

Rhomboid major and minor muscles

Downward Rotation – when the scapula rotates downward, the inferior angle of the scapula moves toward the midline of the body.

Shoulder scapular motions

levator scapulae stretch - anatomy pic 2

upward rotation of the scapula - Google Search

Scapula Protraction, Retraction, Rotation

Synergists - Scapula, Upward and Downward Rotation

The Muscle That Can Make or Break Healthy Shoulders in Inversions


It helps hold the scapula in place and function for abduction and rotation. When the arm is pushing against something the serratus anterior is very active.

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The variables that have been included in the data analysis. Scapular muscles ...

Shoulder Scapula Movement

image downward_rotation1348951835356-thumb for term side of card. Downward Rotation

Levator scapulae muscle

Figure 1: Levator scapulae anatomy

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Figure 6–1 The three motions that comprise normal scapular kinematics. (A) Upward-downward rotation around a horizontal axis perpendicular to the plane of ...

Levator Scapulae: Functional Anatomy Guide


The take away here is that there are intimate relationships between the muscles of the shoulder girdle (like the force-couple of upward rotation) to provide ...

Superficial muscles of the back

Scapular Downward Rotation

Pairwise Comparisons for Scapular Upward (+)/Downward (-) Rotation Among the


Action – scapular elevation 20; 21.

The trapezius is the large, superficial muscle that forms the visible diamond shape at the base of the neck and top of the shoulder.

3D medical figure showing scapula upward and downward rotation

Scapula coordinate system and rotations: internal/external rotation (IR/

When the arm is fully abducted, downward rotation of the scapula (or glenoid fossa) occurs first in adduction of the arm.

Fig. (1b).

Shoulder blade scapula muscles front image

34 Rhomboid ...

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Figure 3: Myofascial trigger point location and referral pattern

Figure 3. Scapular upward/downward rotation ...

The coracoacromial ligament connects the coracoid process to the acromion of the scapula.

Coracoid impingement often presents with pain in the coracoid area, when the shoulder is elevated (flexion), adducted and internally rotated.

Muscles passing from the trunk to the scapula | Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

Action: Elevation; downward rotation; extension & extension of cervical spine

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Understanding and Growing the "Wings" of Your Upper Body | Breaking Muscle

Upward Rotation and Downward Rotation

The Upper Traps, over assessed, over blamed & very misunderstood! | The Sports Physio

Levator Scapula Muscle Trigger points (Xs)

The preoperative and postoperative scapular dimensions ratios and the improvement in all groups, on account

Rhmboids are two muscles rhomboids major and rhomboid minor. scapula muslce, downward rotation

Scapular Upward Rotation

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Human Functional Anatomy Shoulder Movement | Shoulder | Anatomical Terms Of Motion

» How The Rhomboids Really Work

Scapula Stability ...

image pectoralis-minor-muscle-160E56FF14D0BC0E386-thumb for definition side of card

19 Pectoralis ...

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