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Why do blue jays chase crows

Why do blue jays chase crows


Blue Jays could do with a good press agent. They are criticized unfairly. They called bullies of the small birds, when in fact they save countless lives of ...

Blue Jay Animal Symbolism

says Dwaine Oakley of the blue jay, P.E.I.'s provincial bird. (Submitted by Dwaine Oakley)

blue jay with peanut. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/Blue_Jay_with_Peanut.jpg


They do accents really well. Blue jays' ...

What's going on when I see little birds going after a big bird? | All About Birds

Most blue jays live on P.E.I. year-round. (Submitted by Paul Gauthier)

Blue Jay by Sharon Sauriol.

The blue jay has an expandable throat pouch where it can temporarily store acorns or a

Long Island Wildlife Bird of the Week: Blue Jay

California Scrub-Jay photo © Kathie Johnston

Blue jays sound the alarm, but aren't the bullies you think they are | Bird Nerd - Daily Press

Blue Jays love sunflower seeds - Summerside, PEI - Summer 2016 - © Marie Smith

Tammy Kay (B&B reader). Blue jays ...


Adult Blue Jay sunbathing, Ithaca, NY, August.

P.E.I. photographer Paul Gauthier calls this one 'doing what they do best' — hogging the feeder! (Submitted by Paul Gauthier)

Blue jay


Steller's Jay

If you call a Blue Jay a bully, and greedy, you just don't get it. They provide protection for your beloved little birds than far more than they harass ...

I have often written that when Blue Jays are the noisiest, pay attention! A hawk is nearby. I remember the drama of watching a Sharp-shinned Hawk chase a ...

Some jays ...

These crows harrasing a hawk provide a good illustration of how assertive corvids can be.

Blue jay facts, information, habitat, and bird feeding tips from American Expedition.

So you have bird feeders, and the birds are coming. Now imagine that you are a Sharp-shinned Hawk. You weigh between 4 ounces (male) and 8 ounces (female).

Photo: Jason Holley

Dear Bird Folks,

Picky blue jays size up a treat

Blue Jay. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Joe McKenna-Flickr

Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

Attracting Blue Jays: Colorful Backyard Songbirds

Crows versus Raven. Cornell Lab Bartels Science Illustrator Phillip Krzeminski.

American Crow

Steller's jay is the provincial bird of British Columbia .

A Blue Jay calls in a backyard in Spring Hill, Florida. Photo by S

Have You Seen Any Blue Jays Lately?

It Mimics A Hawk And Serves As A Mascot – The Beautiful Blue Jay

Blue Jay - Cyanocitta cristata

Grackles Versus Blue Jays ...

Backyard bully: Do scrub-jays drive other birds from the neighborhood?

I came across this grizzly scene while conducting research in Bellevue. An adult robin calling

These boldly colored blue jays are nature's noisemakers.

How Crows Recognize Individual Humans, Warn Others, and Are Basically Smarter Than You

American Crow (photo by Chuck Tague)

Male Blue Jay

Northwestern Crow Adult is similar to American Crow

Blue Jay transporting acorns, a favored food.

But the most common feathers that I find are the easily identifiable feathers of the Blue Jay. Typically I find a few wing or tail feathers tossed aside ...

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Crows mobbing a red-tailed hawk.

BLue Jay, week 1 (1)

Florida Scrub-Jay Adult is similar to Blue Jay

Blue Jay. Blue_Jay_BirdGard_Electronic_Bird_Control_250x250_2

Photos and Media


They are also tyrannical defenders of their breeding territory, often chasing away and harassing large birds such as crows, blue jays, hawks, and herons.

Adult Blue Jay calling, Ithaca, New York, October.

Murder of crows: Baby squirrel killers or just innocent bystanders?

Red-billed Blue Magpie Blue Jay Bird, Red Bill, Jackdaw, Rook,

Steller's Jay Adult (Interior) is similar to Blue Jay

The Blue Jay is the official bird of PEI - Summerside, PEI - Summer 2016

American Crow in Ontario, Canada. Photo by J.P. Moczulski © 2009 A Murder of

Where Is That Bird Going With That Seed? It's Caching Food for Later


... Blue Jay on bird house near O'Leary, PEI - Feb. 9,

Crows mobbing a Common Raven (far left). Photo by Kevin McGowan.

American Crow Identification, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

All about the Jay

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As photographs go they are not very good -- the attacking bird is never sharp, the light is bad. But it was fascinating to watch. But why?

Blue Jay .vs. Crow

Blue Jay -- I love to put bird seed on my window sill in my home office, and then watch the Blue Jays and Cardinals flock to eat.

An example of variation in the crow family: the Black-throated Magpie-Jay of northwestern Mexico

Mr. Burmaster watched this action for about 40 minutes, the crows driving the owl from one tree to another. He said that the crow flock numbered about 50.

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The Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) is a native bird species that is found throughout Nebraska. This bird is especially common on acreages and urban ...

... heading "Does anybody have any peanut butter" you will see the squirrel contentedly sitting on a limb eating bread about 6 feet from my bird feeders.

Blue jay in a lilac bush

Blue Jay ...

Two others via links are here and ...


Birding Basics of Bad Rep Birds

Blue Jay DSC_2213

Clinic Case Study: Raising a Baby Blue Jay

Blue jay